Ordering PhotoRescue 3.x

On this page, you may purchase a PhotoRescue 3.x license key: this non expiring license key works with both the Windows and Mac OS X of PhotoRescue and comes with at least a full year of freely downloadable upgrades.

Ordering a PhotoRescue License
License Price Description
Individual Licenses
29 USD version 3.x PC+Mac - non expiring license - one year of free upgrades.
1 user license through SWReg 29 USD ( Note: don't forget to remove the "keycode backup item" as we resend keycodes for free)

1 user license
through KAGI

29 USD This is our BACKUP order link. Use it if your SWREG order doesn't go through.
Business Licenses
10 users license 199 USD version 3.x PC+Mac
20 users license 299 USD version 3.x PC+Mac
50 users license 499 USD version 3.x PC+Mac
larger licenses/PO/Gold Disk - contact us for discounts

Please take the time to try our demo version and read our Warranty and Refund page before purchasing. Please note that 90% of all the support requests we receive about the delivery process are related to spam filters.

What you'll get:

As soon as your purchase has been authorized, you will receive, in the SWREG e-mail confirming your purchase, an registration code that allows you to turn our Mac and PC demos into fully functional versions.

The PhotoRescue License is a non-expiring license: once activated, the program is yours to keep. You may use it for as many recoveries as you want. The program can also be moved to a new computer and reactivated on that computer with your registration key.

It comes with a year of free support and upgrades: you are entitled to technical support and free updates for at least a year (and possibly more if you join our facebook group).

We will resend lost keys for free for a period of 3 years. Those keys will allow you to activate versions corresponding to the last upgrade you would have been entitled to.

Click here if you want to upgrade to PhotoRescue 3.x from an older PhotoRescue License.


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